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Much market research and legal review preceded the decision to name our app “Hotzi.” In short, our thinking was to combine a term suggestive of a desirable quality in a potential romantic partner (“hot”) with a fanciful suffix to suggest that our app is both “hip” and fun to use. ”) We are hopeful that the term “hotzi” will be adopted by app users to describe others that they find attractive. ”) At no time did it occur to us that users might also use the term “notzi” to describe other users, much less themselves.

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And he's laughing at me, at anyone, who thought he'd be at peace going out any other way. "There's an entire mythological universe I've created," he finally reveals. Within this world, I've built in a lot of room for really talented writers to come in. But the writers being phenomenal at what they do are able to really bring my imagination to life." There's the obvious swipe at the narcissism that's made him at least as famous as his scoring.