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Cain had no “significant history” of disciplinary actions or use-of-force complaints, the chief said. Text messages on her cellphone led investigators to Cain, Beck said.

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Eventually we’ll reach the village of Bellapais to see its 13th century monastery, stopping along the way to find a shady spot in which to enjoy our picnic lunch.

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Much market research and legal review preceded the decision to name our app “Hotzi.” In short, our thinking was to combine a term suggestive of a desirable quality in a potential romantic partner (“hot”) with a fanciful suffix to suggest that our app is both “hip” and fun to use. ”) We are hopeful that the term “hotzi” will be adopted by app users to describe others that they find attractive. ”) At no time did it occur to us that users might also use the term “notzi” to describe other users, much less themselves.

When you have created a voice setting that satisfies you, click "Save Settings" or a similar function. Click on the name of a friend in the list of online friends along the right side of the page and then click the video camera icon near the top right of the chat window that appears. For example, the Voice Changer application's microphone appears as "Avnex Virtual Audio Device." When this microphone is enabled, the voice settings you created within the voice-changing program are applied to your Facebook video chat.

There are 2 syntaxes for an update query in Oracle depending on whether you are performing a traditional update or updating one table with data from another table.